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Insure For Your Cause is the response to feedback from our clients for the insurance industry to have a larger, more positive impact on the Canadian communities we live and work in. Insure For Your Cause’s vision is to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Insure For Your Cause offers clients the opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice in a very new way. By purchasing quality insurance products from Aviva Canada to protect the things that matter most, a donation is made to their favorite charity. It’s that simple.

Insure For Your Cause… It’s Simple!

Imagine 3 simple steps to protect yourself, your belongings & at your direction,
a donation will be made on your behalf to support your favorite charity

Six Great Reasons To Choose An Insurance Program That Helps Charities

Save money through bundled package discounts and proper policy selection
Local charities benefit from your insurance purchase with a cheque for as long as your policy is active
Coverage that fits your needs today and tomorrow, our broker partners are here to help you find the best match
You feel good knowing that you made a positive impact for the programs in your community
Your insurance is fully underwritten by Aviva, Canada’s leading insurance specialist
80,000 charities in Canada to support with the proceeds from your home or auto insurance
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IFYC Network

When you purchase an insurance product from one of our Broker Partners, you will be able to select a registered Canadian Charity that you want the Broker Partner to make a donation to. The Broker Partner will inform Insure For Your Cause of your choice, and a donation will be made.

The Human League is a not-for-profit organization based in the City of Greater Sudbury – home of the Breakfast Club for Kids, which provides local children with a nutritious breakfast every school day, and the P.L.A.Y. program; providing access to extra-curricular activities to children of low-income situations.

We opened our own office back in 2010. We did it so that we could offer our clients a different insurance experience. We didn’t want to be the same old insurance brokerage. We wanted to offer something unique. We obviously wanted to offer our clients the best price in the market, but we know that in this day…

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IFYC Links Insurance Purchasing to Charitable Support

Rod LaRocque, CEO, Insure for Your Cause, explains the program that helps insurance purchasers support their favored charities. The program grew out of Canada and works in partnership with brokers.

Aviva & Local Insurance partner to support charities

Aviva Canada and Local Insurance have collaborated to launch the Insure For Your Cause program, enabling customers to donate to their favourite charities when they purchase home or auto insurance..

Breathe The Lung Association

Creating a world in which no one struggles to breathe We all need to breathe. It is essential to human existence and of vital importance to each and every one


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