Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma

Established in 1991 to provide individual, family and couples therapy for those who have been abused or otherwise traumatized or stressed by life experiences, what the Centre truly offers is opportunity for personal growth and breaking unhealthy cycles.

At the Centre for Treatment, therapists bring keen insight through experience, training, and passion for assisting people overcome trauma to the table – but they don’t just talk the talk.

Barriers to therapy and counselling are numerous and frequently financially related. Often, the people who would benefit most from therapy, trauma survivors, are part of a marginalized group that has trouble with accessing the help they need due to systematic barriers.

Offering a sliding-scale or clients approved for financial aid at the Centre ranging from $2-$100, the Centre for Treatment is doing its part to remove those barriers.

Offering group services, peer support networks for individuals seeking to connect with other survivors, and trauma training the Centre for Treatment is a place to grow, thrive, and connect in a safe environment.

The Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma doesn’t receive government funding, relying on the social-conscience of like-minded individuals to fund their outreach efforts and good works.

To learn more about the Centre for Treatment, visit their homepage

 265 Carling Ave, Suite 403, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2E1 613-233-4929 info@centrefortreatment.com http://centrefortreatment.com


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