Daybreak Community Church

While Daybreak Community Church can best be described as you may expect – ‘A group of Christ-followers whose primary objective is to share the persistent love of Jesus Christ with all people’ – there’s more to this humble flock than meets the eye.

Separating Daybreak Community Church from the pack in Airdrie, Alberta is their manner of evangelizing – providing support, comfort and opportunities for personal growth to everyone expressing interest.

The Vision

Connection and community through fun and laughter is the prevailing message at Daybreak Community Church, where all of Airdrie is welcome to participate.

“The most important word in our name is ‘Community’’, says Pastor Tim Callaway “We feel like our place is your place, come help us wreck it!”

The mind-set of Pastor Tim is as practical as it is kind-hearted – the solution to the problem of what is traditionally the most uneconomical building in a community is to open its doors to all! From hosting Tai-Chi classes to AA group meetings, Daybreak Community Church exists to care and share.

Good Works

The Good Food Box: Established to help break systematic barriers to fresh fruit and vegetables, GFB provides sustainable access to low-cost nutritious food for all participants through a wholesaler in Calgary and the dedication of tireless volunteers.

ApDayBreak Collective Kitchen Group Cookup: Another endeavour in barrier breaking, Collective Kitchen Cookups provide opportunity to plan and prepare nutritious and budget-friendly meals.

Make a Difference for Daybreak Community Church, visit them to learn more here.

 2104 Yankee Valley Boulevard SW, Airdrie, T4B 0R7 403-948-6727


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