Firefly Foundation

Firefly is a charitable organization that raises funds to support research and develop programs with a mission to prolong brain health.

Firefly funds research to helps bright minds in the world of neuroscience evolve innovative research projects into brilliant discoveries about healthy brains.  These programs aim to inspire young people to appreciate, understand and take care of their brains throughout their lifetime.

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the Firefly Foundation.  Over the past decade, Firefly Foundation has funded breakthrough research initiatives and programs designed to inspire and develop the talents of aspiring young neuroscientists.

Your Brain is a Great Cause!

“A firefly is a single, remarkable point of nature’s light. It represents a moment of illumination that inspires us each and every time we catch a glimpse.

In this spirit, Firefly Foundation has been established to help bright minds in the world of neuroscience evolve their very best ideas into brilliant discoveries. It is also about inspiring everyone to take care of their ‘source of light’ and help their brain stay bright and healthy.”

– Heather Fraser, Founder

Small but mighty, Firefly Foundation is a charitable organization that packs a big punch when it comes to researching, advocating, and prolonging brain health.

Focusing on the power of education to harness young minds, Firefly delivers a variety of programs aimed at developing awareness and excitement around brain health in addition to its fundraising and research.

Bright Lights in the Lab Camp

…is one such program, creating a safe and nourishing environment for children to access and learn in science based initiatives. For a second year of the program’s run, through fundraising initiatives, Firefly Foundation is able to offer scholarships to cover the $1000 tuition for the two week camp for youth otherwise unable to attend.

At the end of the two week camp, where students spend most of their time on competing group projects, teachers, sponsors and parents gather to see students’ scientific learnings, results, and newly developed confidence.

“It’s a privilege to be involved with Bright Lights in the Lab on any level, and incredibly rewarding to see how the students flourish – academically and personally”

Sharon Zillmer, Foundation Manager

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 87 Avenue Road, P.O. Box 83539, Toronto, M5R 3R9


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