Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer

Striving to improve the lives of families who have a child diagnosed with cancer.

For children diagnosed with cancer in Northern Ontario, the reality they face is that for most, the only available treatment options are far from home in Southern and Western Ontario, as well as Quebec, and the United States for some. Families are faced with the decision to have one parent quit or temporarily leave their job in order to accompany their child in the battle of their lives. These parents risk enormous debt as income decreases and expenses increase while they live hundreds of kilometers away from home in a strange city, paying for meals, accommodations, parking, taxi’s, etc. What most forget is that on top of these expenses they are also maintaining their home in which ever city they reside. It is suggested that 1/3 of a family’s after-tax income is lost after diagnosis, due to out of pocket expenses for travel and treatment related costs.

Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer is a Canadian registered not-for-profit charity which is not government or hospital funded and relies solely on community fundraising and private donations in order to assist approximately 200 families annually in Northern Ontario. The charity offers 21 programs, such as financial assistance and reimbursement programs for parking, taxi’s and accommodations, emergency funding, medication coverage, palliative support services, counselling, tutoring, bursaries, and support groups to families battling childhood cancer and beyond. NOFCC ‘s mission is to provide hope, support, education and advocacy to families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. They serve families on treatment, those off treatment and in follow up care, and bereaved families.
One in 285 children are diagnosed with a malignant cancer by the time they reach their 20th birthday.


Recognizing the need for more research into childhood specific cancers and treatment
Donate to childhood cancer specific research, recognize childhood cancer awareness month in September, participate in local initiatives, share information on social media and tell your friends.

Support local cancer care and the families affected
Support local cancer care programs and initiatives in our hometowns to reduce travelling for families. When someone in your community, workplace, family or circle of friends has a child diagnosed, show your support and make sure they know where to find help.

Founded in the North for people of the North
Donate today to help a family in your community tomorrow

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